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논문 상세정보

21세기 중년남성에 표현된 드라마 연기자의 패션이미지연구

A Study on the Image Drama Actor Expressed in the Adult-aged Male Fashion of the 21th Century

아시안뷰티화장품학술지 v.11 no.1 , 2013년, pp.141 - 148  
심재숙, 김효숙

Men’s fashion came to show a new tendency due to the introduction of functional forms, practical material and the like with the Industrial Revolution and was greatly influenced by all sorts of mass media. In the 21th century, the new value view and aesthetic consciousness are emerging in diverse forms with the rapidly changing social structure and diverse cultural exchange. Especially, the disintegrative phenomenon was demolished as dichotomous masculinity and feminity expressed the confusion and absence of sex. With this disintegrative sociocultural background, the male image of the 21th century has come to emerge as an image of the man with inner softness and warmth as the aesthetic values absolutely defined in classical modernism collapsed. As diverse newly-coined words of the male image have emerged in the 21th century, they suggest changes in men’s sex role in a metaphorical manner. Accordingly, the soft and delicate male image is preferred rather than the strong and tough one as the dichotomous sex division of man and woman is becoming obscure in men’s fashion of the 21th century. Men’s fashion also shows their inner desire to become handsome in an active manner. Lookism is referred to as the tendency or trend of public opinion to adhere excessively to the look as it is believed that success in life as well as superiority among individuals depends on it. That is, more time and efforts are made to take care of the look as it predominates the overall social life such as employment, promotion and the like as well as the private life such as dating, marriage and the like.

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