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논문 상세정보

김규동의『새로운 시론』에 나타난 주제 고찰

A Study on the Theme of Kim Ku-dong's New Poetics

어문학 no.119 , 2013년, pp.197 - 221  

This essay is about the theme of Kim, Kyu-Dong’s New Poetics, which was published in 1959. Kim, Gyu-Dong is well known as a modernist poet and critic. He was born in Jongsung, Hamkyungbukdo in 1925 and died in 2011. He has been joined Hubang group in 1950’s, the literal meaning of Hubang is ‘the latter half of the year’. In the first place, I try to examine the conception of modernity in his modern poetry. He insisted on anti-naturalism to criticize the poetics of pure lyric poetry like those of the ‘Chungnokpa(靑鹿派)’. In this attempt, he sought to reconstruct modern poetry to replace pure lyric poetry, which was seemed to reflect contemporary reality. Secondly, this essay I try to look through Kim, Gyu-Dong’s scientific awareness expressed in his modern poetry. He insisted on imaginary aesthetics, consciousness of language, and scientific technique of modern poetry. This kind of his scientific awareness, or the objective and logical attempt, was related to his desire to overcome the trauma of the Korean War in this society. On the base of his attitude was his desire to deny pure lyric poetry. Lastly, in this essay my principle concern is what his historical consciousness is, especially in his modern poems. We can see his painful, confused sense of loss and futility concerning the modern poetry of the 1950’s, in which historical period he was inevitably involved in. In these circumstances, Kim Gyu-Dong’s new poetics aims at constructing new poetry and society by strongly historical consciousness.

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