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논문 상세정보

재외한국학교 병설유치원 교육과정 운영 실태 분석

Current status of the curriculum implementation in overseas Korean kindergartens

열린유아교육연구 v.18 no.3 , 2013년, pp.333 - 355  
문무경, 장혜진

As the law to establish a kindergarten attached to the overseas Korean schools was enacted in September, 2010, the Korean government has officially begun to support the early childhood education of overseas Korean children. Currently, 30 overseas Korean schools are operating in 15 countries around the world. Among them 16 schools have an attached kindergarten operating. With the increasing number of overseas Koreans and their preschool aged children, the demand for ECE provision has also risen. This study examined the current status of and parental satisfaction on the curriculum implementation in overseas Korean kindergartens. Questionnaire surveys were undertaken with 16 directors, 52 teachers, and 334 parents of overseas Korean kindergartens. Site visits and interviews were also conducted with parents and teachers in selected overseas Korean kindergartens. It was found that overseas Korean kindergartens implemented Korean national curriculum along with local curriculum. Upon parental requests, these kindergartens provided foreign language education, especially English lessens to a considerable extent. The teachers indicated a lack of teaching materials and limited opportunities for their professional development. Based on findings of the study, several issues were discussed including a harmony between Korean national curriculum and local curriculum, utilization of teaching materials developed in Korea, provision of appropriate classroom learning environment, and evaluation of the curriculum implementation. Accordingly, suggestions are provided in order to enhance quality of the curriculum implementation in overseas Korean kindergartens.

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