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논문 상세정보

근대 선암사와 그 학풍

The academic traditions with a modern times Seonamsa

보조사상 no.40 , 2013년, pp.163 - 196  

The Seonamsa is the famous temple at Seung ju kun in Jeonlanamdo. It was that providing the various culture and thought in the history of the being few days old year which are charging the one axis of Korea spirit culture. The academic traditions and the development process of the Seonamsa evolved from the initial setting the Taego-Bou. The lineage of dharma branched in the two systems which are Bu-hyu and Cheong-heo in the Bu-yong-yeong-kwan. The Cheong-heo system has again Pyeo-yang-eon-gi and So-yo-tae-neung which the two systems were connected the lineage of dharma and lecture of the Seonamsa in the central. It led the Cheong-heo sect among the Seonamsa. In specialty 18th century after that Su-seon-sa system established the lineage of recitation of the fourth generation which are the initial setting the Ham-myeong-tae-seon with Gyeong-bung-ik-un, Gyeong- un-won-gi and Geum-bong-gi-rim. The academic traditions of the Seonamsa have the tradition of the Joseon dynasty Buddhism perfectly to develop in centering the Avatamska and Zen. The preaching outline have been to succeed the scholastic mantle of high priests built on the fusion of Confucianism and Buddhism. On the other hand, the religion of Buddhism was striving to solve the proposition which was popularization with intention. it is fusion of Zen, Buddhist invocation and the Avatamska. The mentality theory to understand around Jin-yeo-sim[眞如心] and Jung-saeg -sim[衆生心] were about dispute. To begin in the 20th century, the academic traditions of the Seonamsa is faced with tradition and the fusion of the modern times. Transmission of Catholicism, such as the influx of modern civilization thrown into the traditional Buddhist culture shock, but at the same time was a real problem that must be adapted. Thus, according to the traditional protection of foreign invasion and adaptation, the joseon Buddhism was full maintenance of the religious order organization, The change of the propagation method with the subsequent decline of Confucian values managed the activity. So, it came out the Seonamsa without being particular about Songgwangsa hand in hand with new training facilities, missionary workand missionary work training. It is showing the appearance to deal with the change to the activity in the family tradition of the nothing attachment.

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