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논문 상세정보

천일염산업에 대한 정부정책의 지역고용 영향 분석-성향점수매칭(PSM) 방법론을 중심으로

The Effects Evaluation of the Public Policy on the Regional Employment in the Solar Salt Industry using Propensity Score Matching Method

지역사회학(Korean Regional Sociology) v.15 no.1 , 2013년, pp.5 - 29  

This study analyses the effects of the public policy in the solar salt industry on the regional employment. The solar salt is the representative high-valued product of the food industry in Korea that is actively supported by the government.According to the rise of the consumption power, the healthy well-being food newly get the interests of the customers. The government sees the solar salt industry as a new growth engines for the future. It is needed to evaluate the effect of the public policy on the regional employment, because the aim of the industrial policy should not be put on the economic aspects.To evaluate the employment effect of the industrial policy, the PSM(Propensity Score Matching) method as a methodological tools for analysis could be suggested. The PSM method has become a popular statistical technic to estimate causal treatment effects. Especially, it is suitable for evaluating labour market policies. The aim of this paper is to maximize the employment effects of the industrial policy in the solar salt industry and to suggest a tailor-made strategy for the regional employment strategies.According to the results of this study, the current public policy does not show the expected regional employment effects. For the employment-friendly development of the solar salt industry, the public policy in the solar salt industry should be reshaped to the strategic approach and the long-term oriented supports.

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