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논문 상세정보

미국-필리핀 전쟁의 제2국면(1902~1907) -미국의 필리핀 지배 확립

The Second Phase of the American-Philippine War -The Establishment of the American Rule to the Philippines-

인문과학연구 no.39 , 2013년, pp.303 - 327  

The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the way of the establishment of American rule to the Philippines. While paying attention to the war situation, Americans took advantage of a variety of policies and people involved during the period of American-Philippine War. From the viewpoint of historic approach, the first phase of the American-Philippine war(1899-1902) was largely centered on 'interpretation of war', while the second phase(1902-1907) focused on 'the establishment of colonial rule.' In such an context, this paper examined the nature and establishment of the organizations and institutions of American rule to the Philippines. This paper also tried to find out the American intention and its relation to long-term colonial rule. Americans aimed the establishment of colonial control in the second phase of American-Philippine War. During this period, Americans transferred from military rule to civil rule. In short, the policy was just a change from 'substance' to 'form'. Here, the 'substance' means 'long-term control', while 'form' indicates 'transfer from military rule to civil rule.' This policy was the underlying intention to control the Philippines long-termly. From the start of colonial control, Americans proposed the nominal theory that they would free the Philippines when she cultivates the capacity of self rule. Conceptually and meaningfully, this was an illusion. In fact, the proposal was 'an awkward and convenient theoretical tool' used to keep and maintain the long-term colonial rule to the Philippines.

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