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논문 상세정보

고은 시의 공간소재와 미의식 연구 —『조국의별』(1984) ~『 내변방은어디갔나』(2011)를중심으로

A Study on Space and Aesthetic Consciousness in Ko Un’s Poetic World —A case study from Homeland Stars(1984) to Where Has My Frontier Gone(2011)

한국문예창작 v.13 no.1 , 2014년, pp.71 - 95  

Wandering is a journey started from groping self-identity as a poet tofinding the social and historical meanings to KoUn. His poetic worldwhich began from the war-torn ruins once was associated with Moderndesign, but later modified by Realistic creativity. In 1980s, the time ofdesire for democratization, multifarious dimensions of space had beenappeared as subjects in his poems; this is a fruit of his will to self-affirmas a poet, rather to connect personal dimension and public dimension. ‘Moving’is realization for the fluid nature of life and conscious expressionabout ‘cannot be settle in’to KoUn. Wandering is not a play or anamusement, but an absolute calling to respond his self-granted order andresponsibility to him, and this calling can be explained by his poeticdiscovery and condensation about nomadic world view composedhistorically. He has longed for a new birth as a poet through poetic materializationabout diverse regions. He has moved from ‘I write, therefore I am’to‘ Igo, therefore I am written.’It is no more than a desire of self-affirmation for a‘ poem by feet’. KoUn, whose poetic otology is materialized throughdiverse levels of space as a subject, will be recorded a poet finding verydistinctive poetic discovery.

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