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논문 상세정보

스토리텔링 주제 표현활동을 통한 무용교육의 인문적 가치 탐색

A Participatory Action Research on Humanistic Value of Dance Education through Expressing Topics by Story-telling Activities

움직임의 철학 : 한국체육철학회지 v.22 no.2 , 2014년, pp.213 - 235  

This study designates the cognitive, emotional and social value of dance education found in the class scene of one elementary school woman teacher who has passion and professionalism in story-telling topic expression activities through participatory action research of qualitative pattern, as the attribute of humanistic value, and analyzes how it is expanded. With regard to cognitive value, students creatively draw up story and movement, originally reveal movement element of relationship, efforts, space, body and aspect of expressing this story through community accident activities, showing various movement. Emotional value recognizes and expresses the emotion of self and others so that formation of positive self concept including pleasure, laughter and understanding and acquisition of courage and self-confidence carry great weight. In addition, very impressive was the aspect of resolving the tension from study and human relation through movement or the story of peer in the process of group activity and aspect of expressing potential talent. Social value seen from the sub factors of diligence, personal relations, responsibility and cooperation coexists with fellowship of doing our best in the role as the member, sense of community and leadership with soft charisma. In particular, formation of rapport and close interaction between teacher and students, students and students are regarded as the most idealistic value realization of group creative expression activity.

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