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논문 상세정보

지방과 ‘그로’의 코드- 1920-30년대 대중잡지를 중심으로

Local and ‘gro’ code - focused on the popular magazines of 1920-30's

한국문학이론과 비평 v.18 no.2 , 2014년, pp.405 - 432  

This paper investigated the combination of ‘local’ discourses and ‘gro(grotesque)’in the popular magazines of 1920-30's . It shows the richer and more dynamic localdiscourses in times like entering to the hardened stage of ‘nation/local’. Local hadbeen represented as natural beauty and rural beauty, but it was transferred to benoted by its distinct characteristic after mid of 20's. And then locals were combinedwith ‘gro’ code which gradually pursued the ‘weird thing’. The local-gro discoursesof 1930's replaced the local's distinct characteristic to the ‘weird custom’(怪風俗) and‘particular flavor’(特殊情趣) through the powerful ‘weirdness’ frame. These discourseswere usually appeared as the grotesque transformation of traditional area whichredistricted the existing discourses by the way of self-consuming. The Grotesqueconsumption of local was interlinked with the public consuming subject and theperception of locals as a base for consumption. The Local-gro discourses called manyunnoticed locals, not well-known attractions and old historical city. Also it distributedthe detailed informations like customs, traditions and historical anecdotes as theamusements. These discourses are the first case which paid attention Chosun provincesas individual places of that popular readers were interested. But the mechanism of‘gro’ which was characterizing the particular, marginalized and otherized locals, andfinally encountered the imperial gaze. Nevertheless, the meaning of local-gro discourseslie in the case of how much further were culture discourses from colonial orderand state ideology in the formative period.

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