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논문 상세정보

로제 카이와(R.Caillois)의 놀이 유형에 근거한 유아용 한글 기능성 모바일 게임 연구

A study on Hangul serious mobile game for Infant based on R. Caillois's theory

만화애니메이션연구 no.35 , 2014년, pp.291 - 312   http://dx.doi.org/10.7230/KOSCAS.2014.35.291
이수연, 김재웅

This study is based on the theory of R.Caillois about element of play which is motivated to infant for studying Hangul. The ultimate goal of play has to be accompanied by pleasure. And learning means permanent changes from experiences for the individual's. Play and learning, these two elements are united to the genre of serious game since the GBL (game based learning) was lead. Most importantly, in order to achieve their own Hangul learning is the fun. Coupled with fun and learning has an important issue for flow because concentration is low in infants than adults. In this case study is to know about fun factor has been applied effectively to Hangul serious mobile game. 20 Infant Hangul mobile serious games of Google Android mobile game section were selected as a case study based on more than 10,000 downloads and user's review rate by April 22, 2014. After that is currently available on the market can play a variety of cases of infant learning Hangul from previous research of R.Caillois offers four categories of play. R.Caillois of Agon, Mimicry, Alea, Ilinx have unique characteristics in comparison with its functional characteristics Hangul four are present any role in Hangul serious mobile games. As a result of the cases selected and the rules of the game will include a maximum of two of the most common types of Agon. Each attribute of the play, rather than one single factor is applied to four kinds of game play performance when properties are distributed to experience together gave the best flow. As a result of this study will be a based research for infants Hangul serious mobile game reflects the properties of the elements of a fun game that you want to combine learning.

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