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논문 상세정보

디지털 컨셉 아트 전문 스튜디오에 관한 사례 비교 연구-애니메이션 및 게임 분야를 중심으로

A Comparative Case Study on Studio Specialized in Digital Concept Art -Focused on the Field of Animation and Game-

만화애니메이션연구 no.36 , 2014년, pp.167 - 187  
최도원, 이헌우, 이현석

Animation-related films and game industries have been expanding their markets rapidly responding to sharply increasing public demand. The production processes of major studios are getting more and more specialized and detailed. Therefore, they feel burden to manage and maintain as the HR and physical sizes are getting greater. So, independent studios which perform partial processes of the works are increasing over North America and Europe. Specialized studios build previous functions and related business models. They are expanding their areas. Therefore, this study targeted studios specialized in digital concept art in free production step. The characteristics of such studios were analyzed. To this end, first definitions of digital concept art concepts and functional & artistic features of entire production, and their application to business were deliberated through documents and online. Based on the results, the features of ‘concept art service’, ‘self-brand business/ communication’, and ‘education service’ were drawn. Second, based on it, targeting three concept art studios such as Atomhawk (UK), FengZhu Design (Singapore), and Studio Gage (Korea), case research was done. Comparative analysis for the cases was conducted. It turned out that concept art studios lead new market demand through active business strategies such as related contents development, marketing, etc. based on specialization. This research is significant to understand global trend of newly establishing specialized studios market and suggest reference data to improve prospective domestic specialized studios competitiveness.

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