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논문 상세정보

『주역』의 河圖洛書論과 方圓의 易學的 의미

The Philosophical Meaning of Square and Circle(方圓), Being Based on the Hetu-Luoshu(河圖洛書) of the Book of Changes

동서철학연구 no.74 , 2014년, pp.31 - 52   http://dx.doi.org/10.15841/kspew..74.201412.31
임병학, 곽우철

This study was considered about meaning of square and circle that discussed in Confucianism was based on Hetu-Luoshu of I-ching in the I-ching’s aspect. In I-ching, Hetu-Luoshu represented morality of heaven and earth(天地) through the principle of heaven and earth and principle of Daeyeun(大衍). That is, it makes clear that Hetu-Luoshu is a symbol of square and acircle. The ways of Heaven symbolizes acircle because of a world of time that can’t know the beginning and the end. The ways of earth symbolizes square because of a world of space that spread to top and bottom and all directions. Especially, in Mencius, it clarifies the philosophical implications of square and circle directly. ‘Compass is square extremely’ means that eternal time is exposed to a world of space of top, bottom and all directions. this is that action of Hetu makes 10 primary object to spread out 9 → 8 → 7 → 6 → 5 → 4 → 3 → 2 and arrive to 1(Luoshu). And ‘Square is circle extremely’ means that will of heaven becomes clear through square drawing space world of top, bottom and all directions this mean that action of Luoshu makes 1 primary object to spread out 2 → 3 → 4 → 5 → 6 → 7 → 8 → 9 and complete to 10(Hetu). Besides we can understand relations human and heaven and earth through the Book of Changes’s The Khwan Hexagram. When we see the picture of square and acircle, upright is a right angle like it is and symbolizes human. If this combines top and bottom, it will become square of square and symbolizes the ways of earth. When QianDao(乾道) is drawn to circle at these four directions, the ways of heaven which means Dae(大) will complete. Therefore, we can understand philosophical meaning that the ways of earth reveals through human’s consciousness and the Heavenly way is completed through the ways of earth.

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