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논문 상세정보

구두 치수체계 개정을 위한 발 측정항목에 관한 연구

The Measurements Factor on Foot for Shoes Sizing Systems Revision

한국디자인문화학회지 v.20 no.4 , 2014년, pp.573 - 580  

The current study aims to examine the variouschanges in foot-related measurements, as obtained over6 rounds of direct measurements and 3D measurementsbetween 1979 (Round 1), at which the measurementsbegan, to 2012 (Round 6). While nearly 10 years havepassed since direct measurements were taken in 2004(Round 5), no new direct measurements have beentaken, and few existing standard of foot-rrelatedmeasurements have taken the direct and 3Dmeasurements from 2004 into account. Accordingly, thecurrent study analyzed the various foot-relatedmeasurements taken by Size Korea over the 6 roundsand conducted a comparison analysis of majormeasurements, as to propose that valid footmeasurements be taken again as soon as possible, forthe sake of setting standards of foot measurements andpromoting foot health in South Koreans. For thispurpose, data from the investigative reports providedby Size Korea for rounds 1 to 6 were analyzed, and thefollowing conclusions were found. In regards to the feet, not all age groups wereinvestigated, while infants were investigated only inrounds 2, 4, and 5, and older adults of 60 years or olderwere investigated only from round 4 onwards. Also, arelatively small number of foot-related measurementswere taken when compared to the total number ofmeasurements taken, and measurements varieddiversely with each measurement. Thus, a moreaccommodative standard of measurement should bemade available. Foot lengths showed a steadilyincreasing trend, with women’s foot lengths increasingby 0.5cm from the first round of measurements in 1979to the fifth round in 2004. Ankle circumferences werelarger for both men and women in fifth-roundmeasurements than in first-round measurements, withmen’s ankle circumferences growing 3.9cm during thistime. In women, foot widths tended to increase with age. The current study found that foot-relatedmeasurements were not consistently applied, butdifferent measurements were applied each time, andthat these changes are not being accounted for byfoot-related KS standards. Consequently, it may benecessary to revise standards for foot measurementsand have KS standards reflect the changed measurements.

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