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논문 상세정보

유의어에 대한 새로운 평가와 제안 -{아버지}, {아빠}, {아버님}, {아비}, {부(父)}를 중심으로

The evaluation and suggestion regarding synonyms

한국어 의미학 v.46 , 2014년, pp.25 - 52  

This study on the evaluation and suggestion regarding synonyms. This article contains the novel evaluation and suggestion regarding synonyms. In the previous discussions about synonyms, the major study method was to classify the common meaning and the individual meaning by investigating the individual meaning of each lexeme with a dictionary and the examples of corpus data. However, this research method has not fully discussed the principle of how each lexeme becomes a synonym. In addition, categorization of lexemes used as synonyms for users of Korean without academic review may be a problem. We need to reflect on whether lexemes confused the similarity of synonyms to categorize them into synonyms and whether a possibility of new discussions has been excluded. Many lexemes may not become synonyms in a common shape. In this article, the meaning of a lexeme recognized as a synonym for users of Korean is investigated in depth based on the problems and the relation is evaluated and discussed by a new method. To achieve this, {Abeoji}, {Appa}, {Abeonim}, {Abi} and {Bu(父)} recognized as a synonym for users of Korean are used as subjects for the study and whether it is a synonym is examined. In addition, the meaning of those lexemes is investigated through corpus examples and their semantic relation is newly discussed. The semantic relation discussed would suggest the method and necessity of new discussions about synonyms.

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