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논문 상세정보

澤堂 李植의 詠物詩 硏究

The study of Youngmul poetry(詠物詩) by Taekdang Yeesik(澤堂 李植)

어문연구 v.82 , 2014년, pp.99 - 132   http://dx.doi.org/10.17297/rsll.2014.82..005

In this Paper, I sifted Youngmul poetries(영물시) written by Taekdang(택당) and made a general survey of his poetries, making clear the concept and the scope and then investigated the characteristics, focusing on the contents. Taekdang had written poetries with the subject matters like ume flower, chrysanthemum, pine tree and natural phenomena like rain, snow etc, using 5 uhnyulsi(오언율시) and 7 uhnjeolgu(칠언절구); versification. Taekdang used to go back and forth between realpolitik and reclution in nature. He expressed the conflict and the agony of his attitude and consciousness through Youngmulsi, now revealing implicitly the feeling which is not satisfied in nature, then expressed his heart regretting bitterly in the secular society. Taekdang described his thought and feeling in Youngmul poetries, agonizing whether he would not compromise with injustice, settle for the present or get on in the world. Taekdang expressed problems confronting the reality and his perception. He described isolated self, comparing himself to wild mum or his adverse circumstances to a hovering duck which lost partner in fire. Besides, a needy life, a precarious situation, the poet himself purged from realpolitik and the reality in a high-handed manner were written allegorically in the poetries. In addition, he criticized misrule and exploitation by privileged power, providing a description of people who suffered from a natural disaster like drought, run of wet weather, hail, frost with his complicated emotion like grief and love of people that he couldn’t help them.

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