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논문 상세정보

관광전세버스 산업의 현황과 성공요인에 대한 연구: (주)골드투어를 중심으로

A Study on Success Factor of Chartered Bus Industry: Focus on Gold Tour Co. Ltd.

문화산업연구 v.14 no.4 , 2014년, pp.177 - 182  
배일현, 이민상

Not only a five-day work week but also the huge popularity of Korean wave, the number of foreign and domestic tourists keeps increasing. So, demand for chartered bus constantly rising. But, there is tough competition in chartered bus industry. Because chartered bus industry system was changed from approval system to licence system in 1993. Since then, the number of chartered bus company was increased exponentially. In a fierce competition, Gold Tour Co. Ltd. become a one of the superior chartered bus company in the heart of customer. Therefore, the purpose of this study that provide a significant implication through analyze the case of Gold Tour Co. Ltd. We find some significant implications. Those are as follows. First. CEO of Gold Tour Co. Ltd., Cho Cheol-Sang, has an excellent business mind-set because he has a various business experience. He, always thinking and acting on the customer's behalf. As a result, image of Gold Tour Co. Ltd is improving continuously. Second, generous investment of human resources was founded as a another key success factor in this industry. The employees are educated regularly, and this is connected to customer satisfaction. Finally, Gold Tour Co. Ltd made intensively invest in new equipment. So, Gold Tour Co. Ltd has a new bus compared to competitors. So, many customers who have an experience Gold Tour Co. Ltd repurchase them. In conclusion, this study found business mind-set of CEO, employee education and generous investment on new equipment are also key success factor in chartered bus industry.

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