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논문 상세정보

자폐스펙트럼장애 아동의 화용발달을 위한 DvT 연극치료모델 집단 언어치료

Group Language Therapy for Development of Pragmatic Skills of Children with ASD –DvT Theatrical Model Approach–

드라마 연구 no.45 , 2015년, pp.113 - 140   http://dx.doi.org/10.15716/dr.2015..45.113
배희숙, 이선형

This study concerns theatrical group language therapy based on DvT model forchildren with ASD. We describe and discuss the working process and results. Thepurpose of the study is to develop pragmatic skills of participants, especially socialinteraction, turn-taking, and symbolic play. The program contains 10 sessions. For thefirst two session, the program focuses on sensory-motor activities such as gestures,vocalization, auditory sensation, and touch. For the following sessions, the programfocuses on the role-play and synthetical activities using yellow chair, sound effects, andlighting effects. In the beginning of a session, the activities were gestures, vocalization,and auditory sensation. In main activities of the session, the participants playedtheatrical activities. At the beginning of this work, participating in activities was difficultfor the ASD children, because of their behaviors such as crying and going away fromthe activity room. However, their negative behaviors were gradually attenuated, they aredesensitized of sound and obscurity, and finally the participants could do their role-play. Although this program adopted the DvT model, we just reached to somewhere betweenthe sensory-motor stage and pre-operational stage, not a mature stage because it was ashort program of 10 weeks. Nevertheless, the fact that they could do their role-playshows a kind of symbolization on the fictive and symbolic space.

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