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논문 상세정보

익명성을 중심으로 한 사이버 공간과 좀비픽션 장르의 유사성 비교연구

A Comparative Study on Similarities of Cyberspace and Zombie Fiction Genre Based on the Concept of Anonymity

한국영상학회논문집 v.13 no.1 , 2015년, pp.105 - 118   http://dx.doi.org/10.14728/KCP.2015.13.01.105

Zombie fiction genre is one of the most popular cultural contents in the digital age. It is because zombie fiction reflects fear and desire sprung from the apocalyptic climate set in the new millennium. Also it must be noted that structural and sociological characteristics of cyberspace, which is a main sphere for the current generation, are very similar to those of ‘fictitious space’ in zombie fiction. Cyberspace is a space of ‘decodification’ and ‘deterritorialization’, which enables participants to intercommunicate equivalently with virtual identities. Through this process, the domain is reconstituted as various communities and informations are distorted. A similar phenomenon takes place in zombie world, as corruption of informations and deterritorialization caused by the fall of the civilization induces the repeated reorganization of survivors from the zombie attack. The digital generation connect to cyberspace through digital media and form new identities. Zombies are not just monsters, but metaphorically work as ‘media’ to make survivors apprehend the new environment and project their hidden identities. Also a negative view about media shown in many zombie films can be interpreted as metaphor for the digital generation’s wrong way of exercising digital media in cyberspace. Various members in cyberspace hide under ‘anonymity’ and work with new identities. It is very similar to the way characters in zombie films throw their ‘old’ identities and live on with new ones in order to survive in the zombie-plagued world. Anonymity is a core element of our society and characteristics of ‘typification’, which is a must for forming a ‘social self.’ Cyberspace and the world in zombie fiction are composed of an aggregate of various informations and communities, and have an abstract and ambiguous characteristics. Members in both wander from place to place, and become abstract, depersonalized beings.

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