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논문 상세정보

商周시대 人文思潮에 있어서 말하기와 글쓰기의 연원과 형성 고찰 - ‘言不盡意論’을 중심으로

A study on the origin and form of speaking and writing in the trend of the Shang(商) and Zhou(周) dynasty`s human civilization - on the constraints and negative consciousness of the language

중국연구 v.63 , 2015년, pp.109 - 123   http://dx.doi.org/10.18077/chss.2015.63..006

Language is the human ability to use complex systems of communication, and Chinese language has a very unique character to be traced back over 3,000 years to the first written records, and even earlier to a hypothetical Sino-Tibetan proto-language. The view of language of Taoism and Confucianism was proposed as long ago as in the year 2000, Spring and Autumn period. Their common denominator was the language`s constraints and negative consciousness. Laozi`s Taodejing said “The Tao we talk about is impermanent, The names we attach to also impermanent.” “he who knows doesn't speak, he who speaks doesn't know.” The Tao is one of the most important terms in Chinese thought. A name is a word used for identification. But the name of a specific entity sometimes can not be called a proper name. The written characters are not the full exponent of speech, Words cannot completely express ideas, it is a saying from The Book of Changes. This is a beginning of the language negative consciousness in the pre-Qin days. Confucius also said “I would not say anything.” “Clever words disrupt virtue.”, “Like not able to speak.” But his real mean is that “Virtue will always have something to say.” His language negative consciousness is due to Pro-naturalistic farming culture, “Heaven never say anything.” and First character oriented communication culture.

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