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논문 상세정보

소리의 종교적 자리를 찾아서: 시, 축음기, 그리고 카세트테이프

The Position of Sound in Religion: Poetry, Gramophone, and Cassette Tape

종교문화비평 v.27 no.27 , 2015년, pp.79 - 119  

Do modern media technology is good or against to religion? It seemsthat modern religions do not properly adjust themselves to today's mediadevices, such as film, gramophone, internet and so on. Mostly, traditionalreligions are heavily depended on scriptures and written documents. So whatwill be the fate of traditional religions in the face of rapid changes of mediatechnologies?We attempted to identify the influence of gramophone or phonographon religious world. Firstly, we had to determine what has been the positionof ear, sound, meter and rhythm in religious histories. For example, Lutherand Feuerbach considered human ears as the most religious sensory organ. Itwas taken for granted that human ears were susceptible to voice of God orsuperstition. Secondly, we had to determine what was the function and effectof rhythm for religious memory. Rhythm was a tool to inscribe divine wordsinto human body. In this context, we found some links between religion ofscripture and religion of sound. This is a strategy for revealing the religiousplace of sound. Thirdly, we considered how gramophone made the eternal return ofsound possible. Modern space was filled with unheard-of noises replayed bygramophone. Gramophone resulted in the problem of the eternal survival of sound. Again, gramophone has disturbed the order of meaning by recording and replaying meaningless sound. Further on, gramophone contributed to the survival of the voices of madness, supernatural noises, nonsensical sounds, etc. Finally, taking cassette sermons for example, we attempted to show how religious sound can survive in modern world.

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