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논문 상세정보

과정 중심 문제 해결 보고서(IPDR)와 크로스체킹(Cross-checking) 기반 번역교수법 고찰

Analysis of two useful translation teaching methods based on IPDR and cross-checking.

통역과 번역 v.17 no.1 , 2015년, pp.1 - 38  

The aim of this study is to analyze two useful educational tools intranslation course for undergraduate level students in Korea. Accordingto many scholars, the translation courses in Korea are result- andprofessor-oriented, often relying on the translation output of a professor. However, many scholars increasingly voice that the translation coursesneed to be student-and process-oriented. Based on the result of thesurvey of Kim(2013), we have supposed that IPDR(Integrated Problemand Decision Reporting) and Peer review, cross-checking programwhich is done in pairs, were the most efficient tools to change thelecturing method from the result- and professor– oriented teachingmethod to the student- and process- oriented teaching method whichultimately leads to progression in students’ translation competence. Consequently, the aim of this study is to analyze the educational valueof these two useful educational tools in translation course forundergraduate level students. Class observation and survey resultsindicate that both tools have allowed students to increase their various translation competencies, leading to effectiveness in conducting studentandprocess-oriented translation training by self –evaluation,self-motivated learning and mutual evaluation by pairs. Despite manymerits, it has been identified that IPDR and cross-checkingmethodology needs to be improved in the following areas; professor’sability to effectively educate students to learn IPDR, simplification ofprocess to address time-consuming cross-check methodology, adjustingthe frequency of IPDR by reflecting the requests from students,developing an evaluation tool for effective cross-checking methodology,and building credibility and consistency in cross-checking. Once theseissues are resolved, these two tools are expected to present significanteducational value.

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