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논문 상세정보

D 대학의 입학사정관제 합격생들의 학교 충성도 연구

A Study on the Royalty of Student Entered through the Admissions Office System in D University

Journal of The Korean Data Analysis Society v.17 no.2 , 2015년, pp.767 - 774  
강창완, 윤형식, 최승배, 김태완

Competition for the survival of the provincial universities are extremely severe in the middle of increasing necessity for the various ways of selecting students, following the recent needs of the times and society. At this moment, universities should enforce admission policy and student management policy from the point of view of student - demander, therefore it is quite necessary to reflect a policy considering analysis of student's educational performance and understanding student's satisfaction. In this paper we analyze the educational performance and then find the factors affecting student royalty by regression model. The data come from D university's students who entered through the admissions office system. As a results, we found that studying support, interaction of others between seniors, and major subject satisfaction is effective factor for student royalty, and studying support is the most effective factor.

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