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논문 상세정보

조선 후기 日本使臣 접대절차와 양상

A Study of Reception for Japanese Envoys in Late Joseon Dynasty

한일관계사연구 no.50 , 2015년, pp.69 - 121  

After the Imjinwaeran(Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592), Joseon and Japan had to change their neighbor relation unavoidably. Particularly, the exchanges of envoys coming from and going to the two countries and the aspects of their reception faced great alterations. Therefore, this study examined the procedures of receiving Japanese envoys and its aspects in general. Concerning the procedures of reception, this researcher generally looked into the process of envoys’ arrival and departure according to the flow of time. Also, regarding the aspects of reception, with a focus on the feasts, this study examined it overall by using 「The Painting of Head Official of Dongnae-bu's Reception for Japanese Envoys」 in terms of related regulations, reception parades, order of seats, dancing and singing, and also food. When Japanese envoys appeared from the coast of Joseon, Waegwan of Joseon welcomed them through the process of greetings and held the ceremony of encountering and then proceeded with the rest reception rituals. The reception rituals proceeded in the order of ‘Haseondarye - Sukgongjobansik - Jinsangmulgeonganpum - Sukbaerye - Haseonyeon - Yedancharye - Sangseonyeon’. Also, from the aspects of the reception parades and feast rituals, we can see that they seemed to treat the enjoys of neighboring countries with the best they could do, but in the meantime, Joseon intended to receive Japanese envoys within the frame of “Joseon's own system for its neighbor relation”.

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