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논문 상세정보

엘론 머스크와 테슬라 모터스에 대한 사례연구: 다이아몬드 모델을 통한 경쟁우위 분석을 중심으로

The Case Study on Elon Musk and Tesla Motors : Based on the Analyses of Competitive Advantages Using Diamond Model

경영컨설팅연구 v.15 no.2 , 2015년, pp.197 - 209  
양성운, 정진섭

Sustainable energy and global warming linked to the survival of mankind are one of the main issues that threaten the planet. To solve these problems, the international community has made effort to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by adopting the Kyoto Protocol. Meanwhile, a number of innovators, like Elon Musk have attempted to resolve the issues of sustainable energy and global warming through the diffusion of electric cars. Tesla Motors founded by Elon Musk has been recorded as surplus within 10 years of its start-up as the publicly listed car manufacturer in Nasdaq Stock Market. This study analyzed the competitive advantages of Tesla Motors using Porter’s diamond model. The findings are as follows. First, the CEO’s capabilities, technical skills and ability to secure funds through IR (investor relations) were key elements in factors conditions. On the demand side, the current electric vehicles‘ market has showed the rapid growth, mainly in advanced countries, such as USA, Japan and Europe and has the highest growth potential. Second, the expansion of service centers and electricity charging points for vehicles, as well as strategic alliances with the leading companies, such as Toyota, were key determinants of competitiveness in terms of related and supporting industries. Third, product development strategy and the promotion of technical skills in intense inter-enterprise competition were the main factors influencing the competitive advantages in terms of firm strategy, structure and rivalry. Fourth, government regulation and support policy, including ZEV law, were important factors influencing the competitiveness in terms of government. Finally, the case of Tesla Motors provided some implications related to an example of a CSV (Creating Shared Value) that seeks both firm's economic value and social value.

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