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논문 상세정보

흑해(黑海) 연안의 초국적 경제협력모델과 정부간 네트워크: 동북아시아 해역(海域)에 주는 교훈과 함의

The Formation of Cross Border Network and Economic Cooperation System in The Black Sea Region : Its Lessons and Implications for Northeast Asia

지방정부연구 v.19 no.1 , 2015년, pp.19 - 43  

The Black Sea region is a dynamic and complex area in which many regional, national and international actors have key interests, including European Union, Russia and Asia. So, the Black Sea region is a key area for Europe, politically as well as economically. In the Black Sea Region which is the cross-road of civilizations, therefore, different types of nations co-exist in terms of the size, the economic and political development, military forces and cultural-social-religious traditions. Relations of countries in this region are in many cases shaped by bilateral conflicts, crises and even wars. This study discussed formation of cross border network and cooperation system in the Black Sea region within regional and interregional economic and non-economic exchanges, examining the impact of the European Union and Asia. For example, the purposes of Black Sea Economic Cooperation(BSEC) creation were a high degree of integration achievement between the Black Sea region countries, coordination of social and economic, ecological, cultural and educational development in the Black Sea region. Focusing on the primary initiative in the Black Sea region(BSEC), this study aims to analyse the characteristics and meanings of the cross border network and cooperation system in the Black Sea Region. On the basis of the analysis for cross border network and other transnational state apparatus, this study discussed the success and failure of cross border network and examine several important factors which will significantly influence on its future development in the Black Sea Region. As a consequence, this study provides some useful implications for formation and development of cross-border network and cooperation initiative in Northeast Asia.

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