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논문 상세정보

신자유주의적 세계화와 한국불교의 대응

Neoliberal Globalization and Korea Buddhism's Response

한국학논집 no.59 , 2015년, pp.471 - 487   http://dx.doi.org/10.18399/actako.2015..59.014

Recently, one of the most frequently used words in Korea is ‘neoliberalism’. It appears in many newspaper columns or college reports. It is referred not only to social, economic and financial topics, but also to crisis discourses including temporary workers problem. But flooding of this word in Korean society does not matter with leftist perspective or radicalism as a political response against it. This study reviews some features of neoliberalism and examines how eastern philosophy -especially Buddhist perspective- can respond it logically. In modern society, there comes crisis of religion worldwide. Political and social activities of religion except some welfare activities have weakened sharply. Nevertheless, even in the midst of declination of religion interest in Buddhism is increasing. But there aren't enough activities in Buddhist world to meet such interest. So this study considers social activities of Buddhism particularly. Recently, in Buddhist world various social activities started. These activities -aiming at ‘realization of general altruistic spirit’- needs Buddhist virtues and spirits. If there is ‘goodness for both yourself andothers’ as a practical precept of general altruistic Buddhism, there must be objective awareness about rapid social change(golbalization and neoliberalism) as a key element to establish practical orientation of Buddhist social activities. Bodhisattva spirit and altruistic acts toward society can contribute to formation of citizen identity and participation awareness. Some people say that Buddhism pursuing non-possession contradicts public participation. But in rapidly changing modern society, perception of Buddhism's position and discussion about public participation are most important actual problems of the global religion crisis. So, in this study, preliminary discussion about that is carried out.

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