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논문 상세정보

경로당의 리모델링 방안 - 서울 서초구 구립 경로당을 중심으로

The Remodeling Plan of Senior Citizen Centers - Focused on Seocho-gu Seoul City Senior Citizen Centers -

한국디자인포럼 no.48 , 2015년, pp.387 - 396   http://dx.doi.org/10.21326/ksdt.2015..48.035
권혜진, 신경주

A rapid increase in the number of the elderly is asking for role sharing of the government and the society on the elderly welfare. We have about 63,200 Senior Centers all over the country, and they are mainly used by the superaged elderly in their late 80s who are relatively healthy. However, there are so many inconveniences in actual use of the facilities that they are not vitalized and barely keep themselves in existence. It is assumed that if the system of these senior centers is corrected focusing on users and they become vitalized, it would be beneficial for all four of them: the government, the society, families, and the elderly. Currently in the country, the superaged elderly without dementia or physical disabilities who belong in the normal range are taken care of at home due to financial burdens. If at government level they were protected and provided nourishing meals needed for health maintenance in a good environment that guarantees safety, it is believed that the economically active population would grow since there would be less waste of human resources for care of older people in each family. Moreover if the government or the society takes on the vitalization of the senior centers which are now evenly distributed all over the regions in the nation, with new jobs creation related to the senior centers, an increase in quantity of facilities for the elderly which is urgently needed in the society would become possible, so we can expect effects of reducing the cost of the elderly welfare for investment in new facilities. Thus, this research aims to search for a facility improvement plan needed for the vitalization of Senior Centers through the survey of facility users, and suggest remodeling items of the existing facilities as images in favor of users based on the data.

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