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논문 상세정보

보육컨설턴트가 경험한 어린이집 보육컨설팅의 의미 탐색

The implications of educare consultants' consulting experiences in childcare centers

열린유아교육연구 v.20 no.4 , 2015년, pp.73 - 97  
조혜진, 고은미

The purpose of this study was to examine the educare-consulting experience of educare consultants in childcare centers and the implications of their experience. The participants were five educare consultants working at a childcare support center in the Korean city of ‘P’. The data were collected through in-depth interviews, journals, and participant observation. According to the findings, first, the educare consultants faced childcare directors who viewed educare-consulting merely as evaluation required for accreditation, and also met childcare teachers who had no access to consulting information. Their difficulties included demand for customized consulting and a lake of time, but they gained satisfaction through seeing small positive changes in teachers. Second, the educare consultants learned the importance of understanding and communication, and they also realized that changes in the leader were the beginning of qualitative improvement in childcare centers, that educare-consulting should be effective enough to spur self-directed learning in childcare centers, and that consultants would benefit from having a mentor. Based on the implications of these results, several suggestions are put forth.

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