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논문 상세정보

GM Foods에 대한 과학전문 기자, 일반 기자, 소비자의 인식 및 태도에 관한 연구

Assessment of Stakeholders’ Attitude & Perception towards GM Foods in South Korea: Implications for Differentiated Risk Communication & Media Management

동서연구 v.27 no.3 , 2015년, pp.29 - 42  
김보영, 이나경, 송니은

Consumers’ interest and concerns for food safety is heightened with development of biotechnology and genetical engineering of food products since the health effects of such technology has a direct implication on consumers’ life. Recently, GM foods such as GM corns and GM barley are increasingly consumed in the domestic market and considerable attention has been drawn to this issue. Several studies focused on the attitude of consumers and some assessed comparative difference between consumers and producers toward GM foods. However, studies on different attitude among various stakeholders such as journalists and consumers are limited. the purpose of this study is to evaluate attitudinal difference among stakeholders both qualitatively and quantitatively. Survey study and Focus Group Interview were used to provide empirical evidence and findings may enable effective development of differentiated risk communication strategies for different stakeholders by policymakers and marketers.

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