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논문 상세정보

자료 공유의 경험과 연구 영역의 확장

Experience of Material Sharing and Expansion of Research Area

역사학보 no.227 , 2015년, pp.23 - 48   http://dx.doi.org/10.16912/tkhr.2015.09.227.23

The study on Korean ancient history for the last 2 years has amazingly showed vitality, owing to the emergence of a new epigraph. Knowledge and information regarding diverse systems and law codes of Koguryeo and the political system of Baekje were obtained through decipherment and contents analysis of the epigraph. The difference in analysis of controversial topics and translation of basis data was clarified; interests in the warfare and national border lines of the Three Kingdom’s Era were so heightened that some up-to-date controversial topics were produced. Searches for the areas with insufficient studies such as the royal system and feminine history of Silla and synthesis of the existing studies were conducted in the meantime. It is a methodological characteristic to broaden the research range to East Asia. However, if this vision merely reaches simple comparison or circumstantial inference without any concrete medium, we can reach only a false image. In order to scrutinize new materials and prepare productive controversy, an attitude to share the data together with other researchers is desperately in need. Open discussions and debates over Jian Koguryeo stele must be continually conducted and kept as a important example of material sharing, which will be precious tradition of ancient history studies.

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