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논문 상세정보

Politicization of Sensibility: The Spectacle Effect of Colonial Empire in the 1930s Seoul

Politicization of Sensibility: The Spectacle Effect of Colonial Empire in the 1930s Seoul

美學(미학) v.81 no.3 , 2015년, pp.291 - 323  

This paper aims to analyze the phenomena of the consumption culture in terms of the spectacle effects of the colonial empire, which were unprecedented prosperity in the 1930s in Seoul. After the settlement of the internal pacification of colonial Korea and the colonial capitalization of Seoul, the major commercial facilities such as department store, movie-theater, cafe etc. came to be introduced to Seoul. This can be interpreted as the politicization of sensuality, namely the transformation of the Japanese Empire's restructuring strategies of the urban space of Seoul from the political and military commitment to the economic and cultural commitment. The spatial change intensified the colonial differentiation of city that was segregated into the Southern Village for Japanese and the Northern Village for Koreans. It facilitated the modern homogenization of the urban space. Especially, department stores were invigorated as a powerful apparatus for consumer capitalism, inviting Koreans to Japanese street, transcending the spatial border of the colonial segregation. Manipulating the exhibition techniques of department store, Japanese Empire built up the visually attractive self-representation image, encouraging the colonized to experience the fascination of modem urban culture as crowds or spectators in the street. The spectacle of the Empire made new lines of cultural distinction based on the differentiation of social stratum inside the colonized community.

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