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논문 상세정보

『청파극담(靑坡劇談)』의 서사의식 연구

Study of narrative consciousness of CheongpaGeukdam

동양한문학연구 v.42 no.42 , 2015년, pp.31 - 55  

In the fifteenth century, various anthologies have been published along with the growth of cultural base. Amongst others, particularly, CheongpaGeukdam (Cheongpa’s Dramatic Tales) draws attention that shows wide-ranging concerns from the anecdotes of kings, court officials, and the literati to the legends, folk beliefs, and farcical stories amongst the commonalty. In order to investigate the narrative consciousness and cognitive intention of the author, Yi Yuk, this paper attempted to classify the work by three kinds of thematic consciousness: ‘the record of everyday experiences and facts,’ ‘the interest in the wonders of the world,’ and ‘the lessons inherent in laughter and ease.’ As a consequence, many anecdotes proved to go beyond a simple record of episodes toward revealing critical and reflective perspectives about the social reality; also, the works about the wonders of the world showed transcendence beyond the mechanical distinction between real and wondrous worlds or the obstinacy of taking superficial forms, instead making much of the essential values inherent in the phenomena; and besides, the farcical stories for the purpose of laughter were found to stress the essence of a narrative should ultimately reach the delivery of lessons. CheongpaGeukdam follows the writing style by literati of the day, but not merely borrows the form: rather, it pursues the essence, thus bearing the author’s subjective recognition of the world. This can be seen as constructing a narrative world based on differentiated recognition of the world, instead of being driven by the culturally dynamic vogue of the day.

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