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논문 상세정보

중부유럽 시민의 유럽연합 역내 이주현상연구: 2004년~2013년을 중심으로

Central European Citizen’s Migration within the European Union: Focusing on 2004~2013

EU연구 no.41 , 2015년, pp.167 - 206   http://dx.doi.org/10.18109/jeus.2015..41.167

The 2004 enlargement of the European Union was a tipping point altering the topography in European Union. An enormous influx immigrants from the central European countries, especially after the 2008 economic recession, stimulated the in-depth research on the effect of migration in Central Europe within the European Union. This article investigates the tendency of migration in Central Europe based upon two economic indexes: the rate of real GDP growth and the unemployment rate. Poland and Czech Republic’s emigration patterns have been highly influenced by their domestic economic indexes, while there is a relatively weaker correlation between emigration and economic indexes in Hungary and Slovakia. In addition, Western European countries’ economic conditions have a great impact on Poland and Czech Republic’ immigration patterns, whereas they have a relatively lower influence on Hungary and Slovakia. In terms of the effect on European Union integration, the evaluation of migration in Central Europe is contested. From the liberal standpoints, the migration in Central Europe has played a pivotal role to widen the common European labor market and reinforced the integration level within the European Union. However, at the same time the migration in Central Europe has triggered the Euroscepticism within the European Union. The voices of protection to their domestic labor market, as well as a strong disparagement regarding ‘Welfare Tourism’ or ‘Welfare Magnet theory’ have represented the realist point of views.

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