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논문 상세정보

<전우치전>의 욕망 구현 방식과 서사적 의미 - 신문관본 <전우치전>을 중심으로

The Realization of Desire and the Meaning of the Narration in Jeon Woochi Jeon - An Analysis of Jeon Woochi Jeon issued by Shinmungwan -

돈암어문학 v.28 , 2015년, pp.227 - 259   http://dx.doi.org/10.17056/donam.2015.28..227

This thesis analyzes the revelation of desire and the narration of Jeon Woochi Jeon issued by Shinmungwan. The most important thing is the narration of Jeon Woochi Jeon that consists of an episodical structure. Because this development is closely related to the thematic concepts. Jeon Woochi Jeon based on Shinmungwan edition is organized as not only cyclical structure but also the same formality in front and back, increasing story completion, which features a “Bildungsroman”. Jeon Woochi is motivated by his desire, and he performs taoist magic from the first part to the second in Jeon Woochi Jeon. However, this development is criticized because his activities cut off the thematic concepts and statements. Although a number of criticisms insist that Jeon Woochi Jeon should be equipped with consistency, if it being read as Jeon Woochi’s performance and failure of his desire, the descriptive representation on Jeon Woochi Jeon can be possibly consistent and cyclical. In addition, this narrative configuration can be partly extended to different versions. Shinmungwan edition is known as Choi Namseon’s adaptation, which means that Choi Namseon portrays an intellectual anguish and lament in 19C. His work reflects his struggle to criticize and reform the Joseon Dynasty. Choi Namseon intents to adapt Jeon-Woo-Chi’s story, considering the public who is interested in novels in Korean. He is willing to intense the spirit of national consciousness and suggest the new thoughts, criticizing the corrupt and incompetent government at the time in Jeon Woochi Jeon. Therefore, including Shinmungwan edition, the adaptation from the previous novels to the diverse printed books makes Jeon Woochi’s imagery which is an influential character as well as a folk hero.

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