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논문 상세정보

행복에 대한 유아의 인식 탐구

Children’s Perceptions of Happiness

유아교육학논집 v.20 no.1 , 2016년, pp.311 - 332  
백지혜, 윤유진

The purpose of this study was to examine young children’s perceptions of happiness. The participants were ninety 5-year-old children attending kindergarten and a daycare center in the Dae-Gu area. Eighty young children were interviewed using semi-structured questions and were asked to draw a picture representing happiness and describe it in detail. Their responses were analyzed in terms of their narrations on how they experienced happiness and thought abstractly about it in their everyday lives. The results are as follows. The characteristics of happy persons were sorted into five categories such as the person who be with others, who express positive emotions, who achieve their goals, who enjoy what they want to do, and who enjoy their basic needs. The characteristics of happiness were sorted by play time, activities for study, and time for basic needs. The conditions of happy spaces were sorted by places for play, good moods, basic needs, and staying with others. This study established some ground rules for making desirable happiness images and the results were characteristics with children’s recognition of happy situations.

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