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논문 상세정보

The Effect of Supervisor Knowledge Sharing on Employee Citizenship Behaviors

The Effect of Supervisor Knowledge Sharing on Employee Citizenship Behaviors

리더십연구 v.7 no.2 , 2016년, pp.5 - 32  
최우희, 김석영, 윤석화

Given the significance of discretionary behaviors of employees in today’s hypercompetitive business environment, this research illustrates the influence of supervisors upon employee organizational citizenship behavior. Among different kinds of supervisory behaviors, we particularly examine the effect of a specific form of supervisor support, supervisor knowledge sharing behavior on citizenship behaviors of employees. Based on social exchange theory, we suggest a theoretical model investigating a mechanism through which supervisors influence employees' citizenship behaviors as mediated by psychological contract fulfillment. Moreover, we also propose that an individual’s characteristic may determine the extent in which they perceive exchange relationships when supervisors share their knowledge with their employees. We argue that exchange ideology would be a tool to enhance or weaken the effect of supervisors’ knowledge sharing behaviors on employee organizational citizenship behavior. Most importantly, our findings enrich our understanding by completing a picture of a moderated-mediation model between supervisor knowledge sharing and employee citizenship behaviors. The mediated relationship between supervisor knowledge sharing and organizational citizenship behavior by psychological contract fulfillment is contingent on the level of an employee’s exchange ideology. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.

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