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논문 상세정보

38선 넘고 바다 건너 한라산까지, 월남민의 제주도 정착 과정과 삶

Beyond the 38th Parallel, Across the Sea, to Hallasan – The Settlement Process and the Lives of North Korean Refugees

역사문제연구 v.20 no.1 , 2016년, pp.207 - 251  

The present dissertation aimed at clarifying the destruction of life brought about by war, the recovery of life, the reality of reconstruction in the region during the 1950s, and its meanings, through a process in which residents north of the 38th parallel became residents of Jeju island. Thus, the study attempted to focus on the following issues. The first is the succession and change of life before and after defection to the South. Here, conditions like the presence of a Christian faith, socioeconomic status in North Korea including family members, and the motivation for defection had a complex effect. The second is the war experience of refugees. From the perspective of the government and the US military during the war, refugees were the most important civil affair, but their policy aim was to reduce interruptions in terms of military operations, and the main contents involved surveillance and control. The actual experiences of refugees are displayed, not by a number, but by how the war destroyed lives and what efforts and will power were required by the persons involved to subsequently restore their lives. The third is the relationship between the settlement by the North Korean refugees and the church. The evacuation of the North Korean refugees was the decisive cause that expanded the Christian church in Jeju island, and the church played a certain role in settling the North Korean refugees in Jeju island. ‘Boebhochon’ is the place where a Resettlement Project and the founding of a church was accomplished together by an elder. The fourth is an aspect of Resettlement Project in the 1950s. Because the North Korean refugees were unable to return to their original residence after the war, the government and the US conducted new policy in regards to them. The ‘Resettlement Project’ was begun to settle North Korean refugees and was conducted in Jeju island as a recovery project for the victims of the Jeju Uprising. The Resettlement Project as expanded to refugees in South Korea and regular urban residents by the mid 1960s. With the case of Beobhochon, the study will be able to analyze the planning, management, and results of the Resettlement Project, which was a major relief policy by the Syngman Rhee government.

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