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논문 상세정보

세대별 차별적 투표 성향에 대한 미디어 소비의 조절효과 분석

The Analysis of Moderating Effects of Media Consumption on the Differentiated Voting Patterns by Generation

한국사회 v.17 no.1 , 2016년, pp.123 - 157  
박근영, 김범수

This study aims to explore the possibility that biased voting behaviors determined by generations in Korean society can be strengthened or weakened by media consumptions. Using the data collected from 2014 Seoul mayoral election, it analyzes how the consumption of conservative or liberal newspapers, and the type of media consumption defined by the combinations of preferred media, affects the supports for conservative or liberal candidates in election. The results suggest following three: (1) Even after controlling for political ideology and the types of newspaper that respondents frequently read, ‘age’ is still playing important roles in the process of a candidate selection between conservative and liberal. Though the type of newspapers that respondents frequently read affects their candidate selection, it fails to mediate the influence of ‘age’ variable on the candidate selection. (2) Those who obtain political information lopsidedly through new media, compared to those who obtain the same type of information mostly through traditional media, are less likely to be affected by the tendency that the old prefer conservative candidates. (3) Those who vigorously search for a large amount of political information with both traditional and new media are more likely to support conservative candidates. Based on these results, the effects of media consumption on the biased voting patterns determined by generations are discussed.

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