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논문 상세정보

진안 진그늘유적 슴베찌르개의 제작과 사용에 대하여

Manufacture and Use of Tanged Points at the Jingeuneul Site

호남고고학보 v.53 , 2016년, pp.4 - 25  

Research on tanged points in Korea has centered around the problems of classification, chronology, and stone-tool assemblages. Yet the recent accumulation of absolute dates has allowed researchers to establish site chronologies and pay more attention to the analysis of stone-tools, including the restoration of production techniques. This study examines the tanged points discovered at the Jingeuneul site following this new direction of research. I argue that differences in retouching methods are noted between the proximal and the distal parts of the tanged points. The differences appear to be related with the function of the artifacts. This suggests that the morphological changes of the tanged points may shed light on the function of the artifacts. This paper reviews morphological changes of the tanged points and discusses the changes in shape in relation to the manufacture and use of the artifacts. The analysis shows that tanged points that retained their original shape rarely show traces of retouching, whereas damaged ones bear considerably more traces of retouching. The larger the area of damage, the larger the area of retouching. This observation provides clues as to how the artifacts were made, damaged, and repaired over the course of their use history.

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