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논문 상세정보

국한문신옥편 자석 연구

A Study on the Korean meaning of Chinese characters in Gookhanmun-shinokpyeon.

중국언어연구 no.65 , 2016년, pp.33 - 58  

Gookhanmun-shinokpyeon which was published in 1908 holds a considerably important position in Korean dictionary(Jajeon) history in terms of system and contents, as the first dictionary in Korean modern times. Especially, the systematic and comprehensive Hangeul definitions of Chinese character and Gookhanmun-shinokpyeon that is a character stroke-index method became a model for following dictionaries by providing a new direction of Korean dictionaries in modern times. This paper examined the historic transition rules and aspects of the Korean meaning of Chinese characters by comparing with HunMong-JaHoe which divides the ages, from a diachronic perspective and explored various characteristics including the semantic category of the Korean meaning of Chinese Characters in Gookhanmun-shinokpyeon, precise concretization tendency, semantic change-dependent replacement, dead language replacement and syllable change by comparing with the dictionaries of the same period synchronically in order to shed new light on the periodic meaning and function of the Korean meaning of Chinese Characters in Gookhanmun-shinokpyeon.

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