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논문 상세정보

金秉善의 『金石目攷覽』 고찰

A Study on Geumseok mokgoram(金石目攷覽) by Kim Byeongseon(金秉善) in the Joseon dynasty

대동한문학(大東漢文學) v.48 no.48 , 2016년, pp.127 - 154   http://dx.doi.org/10.21794/ddhm.2016.48.127

I in this paper analyzed all the matters of Byeong Seon's Geumseok mokgoram which was splashed across the end pages of domestic and foreign collections of epigraphs in Korea in the 19th century. Joseon and Qing scholars in the 19th century showed tremendous passions for study on the collections of epigraphs in Korea. Kim Byeongseon compiled the first edition of Geumseok chongmok pyeonram(金石總目便覽) in 1873(the 10th year of Gojong's reign) on request of O Gyeongseok(吳慶錫) who asked Kim to compile a catalog of epigraphs in Korea. The book in three volumnes contains 300 kinds of epigraphs extending from Gija Joseon to the Joseon dynasty. In 1875(the 14th year of Gojong's reign), Kim Byeongseon compiled the second edition of Geumseok mokgoram in which Kim modified and supplemented the first edition after he obtained several new materials including the Pogang edition of Haidong jinshiyuan(海東金石苑) by Liu Xihaie. The book in two volumnes contains 191 kinds of epigraphs extending from Gojoseon to Goryeo dynasty. The edition housed in the Tenri University(天理大學) in Japan is an original manuscript in which Kim Byeongseon modified and supplemened the first edition of Geumseok chongmok pyeonram in 1875(the 12th year of Gojong's reign). The edition housed in Beijing University(北京大學) is the second edition which was transcribed by hand in the Guangxi's reign period of Qing dynasty and stamped a seal with characters of ‘Longjidong(龍繼棟)’. The edition housed in the National Library of Korea(國立中央圖書館) is a manuscript that transcribed by hand in 1926 the edition of Guangxi's reign with a seal of ‘Longjidong’. Geumseok mokgoram which was entered early into China was reviewd by Chinese scholars as a scrupulous collection of epigraphs in Korea and was utilized as an important collection of epigraphs in investigating real epigraphs in Korea in Japanese colonial era.

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