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논문 상세정보

송강(松江) 정철(鄭澈)의 전후미인곡(前後美人曲) 다시 읽기

Reinterpretation of Jungcheol's Pre/Post-miingok

문학치료연구 v.41 , 2016년, pp.241 - 276  

This thesis aims to analyze the contents of pre/post-miingok based on the inner workings of Jeoncheol when he wrote the works. In this thesis I found the following points. shows that he was anxious about his future throughout the whole of the work. The negative state of mind that ruled the author in the background was one of frustration and fatigue of the long struggle, loneliness and losing a friend, and sorrow from the appreciation of . In contrast, is quite different. Instead of hesitation, Jeoncheol tried to recognize the objective reality and recover his belief in his beloved, the king. The remarkable change between the two works is that the latter work presents a new character and the author uses dialogue between the two people. The second speaker calls, sympathizes, and encourages the other. In doing so, the speaker of restores her will to stay in the world and shows her determination.

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