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논문 상세정보

문학과 의학의 교융(交融), 송대 의학 지식의 전파와 그 의미 - 홍매의 《夷堅志》를 중심으로

A Study on Meaning of the Spread of Medical Knowledge in Song Dynast - From Yijianzhi (夷堅志) by Hong Mai

중국소설논총 no.50 , 2016년, pp.23 - 48   http://dx.doi.org/10.17004/jrcn.2016..50.002

The Yijianzhi(夷堅志), written by the famous scholar Hong Mai of Southern Song Dynasty. It contains lots of medicine materials and medical case records, which reflect the unique and complex medical concepts of the people, the medicine developed and doctors came forth in large numbers, the compose of medical groups was numerous and jumbled. This study is focused to see a variety of medical knowledge and medical practice in the Song Dynasty through a medical story contained in the novel Yijianzhi.Especially, in the Song Dynasty, ‘RuYi(儒醫)’ who study the principles of medicine based on the Confucian ideology has increased a lot compared to the previous period. Many medical publications have been organized by these Confucians, ‘RuYi(儒醫)’ himself provoked the participation of more disclosure by scholar of medical activities.Consequently, many ‘RuYi(儒醫)’ had made it there is a beneficial medical knowledge open to the private sector had a major role, thus raising the importance of the medicine to people of different status to participate in health activities and, as a result of the activity there were an opportunity to brought medicine development in the Song Dynasty.

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