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논문 상세정보

개화기 여성과 신문물 커피의 수용양상

Women in Late Chosen Dynasty and Their Acceptance of Coffee, a New Cultural Item

관광학연구 v.41 no.3 , 2017년, pp.169 - 182   http://dx.doi.org/10.17086/JTS.2017.

This article will talk about implications coffee as a new item and the different views of men & women concerning coffee consumption as an acceptable process during the Late- Chosen Dynasty. This can be differentiated from current coffee studies for the following reasons. First, most coffee studies use a practical approach concerning the marketing perspective in a coffee shop and directions for making delicious coffee. Second, recent studies related to coffee discuss the spreading processes of changing coffee history in modern Korean society or worldwide coffee history and its development. However this article, after considering the meaning of coffee, discusses the roles of coffee related to situations experienced by Chosen women within a male-centered society. Therefore, this study reviews the symbolic roles of coffee at that time by analyzing newspapers and magazines published during the Late-Chosen Dynasty. The second differentiation is this study is it can tract the position of women at home and society at that time by using coffee. Third, we examine social views held by women as they differed from men and their cultural leaders. This is accomplished by analyzing coffee and the situation of women as presented in the literature. Fourth, we discuss consumption psychology as a kind of human nature by using coffee. In order to develop practical discussions, this paper will present documents and data of the time including newspapers like The Mailsinbo, The Chosenilbo, The Sinhanminbo The Doglipshinmun, The Dondailbo and magazines like Byeolgeongon, Gabuk, and Samchulee also including a Writer`s Diary by Lee Gwang Soo and the text After Two Years by Park Jong Hwa.

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