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논문 상세정보

전통적 문화 콘텐츠 개발을 위한 한국의 도깨비에 관한 고찰

Korean Doggaebi for the Development of Traditional Cultural Contents

조형미디어학 v.20 no.1 , 2017년, pp.209 - 217  
차태호, 이성한

Among the globally-rising representative industries are ICT and the cultural content industry. But the rate of income by investment from ICT technology is practically limited except for the several advanced countries though there is the gap in the levels of development among countries. It is the field of cultural contents based on ICT that hereupon receives the attention. As the reason for this becomes widely known, cultural contents produce tangible assets out of intangible ones. Cultural contents, depending on their success, are a higher value-added business. But we should not fall into such a simple illusion as cultural contents bring a higher value-added value. They should be carried out by such various ways as diversified analysis, surrounding situations, and practical problems. And they may also as well be to get started from the time including the past and present as tell a point of time. In other words, we should get out of the fixed idea that 'A' is English and '가‘ is Korean, which means a shift of thinking or thinking flexibility is needed. Hence the given research is to find out the possibility of the development of cultural contents of the goblin as a traditional Korean character. First, the research is to examine what the Korean contents industry is. And it is also to find out the understanding of Korean cultural contents and the validity of the development of the goblin as Korean contents. It also finds out the present conditions of cultural contents in Korea, China, and Japan toward a weird being. As a result, for this a change of mind about traditional cultural contents is needed. Raising added value is needed by reinterpreting tangible or intangible assets with a wide and modern view or reproducing a story through story-telling. And from a long-term perspective, the added value through OSMU along with the promotion of culture should be created.

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