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논문 상세정보

언문과 훈민정음의 성립시기에 대하여

On the Invention Time of Eonmun and Huminjongeum

한국어학 v.75 , 2017년, pp.189 - 222   http://dx.doi.org/10.20405/kl.2017.05.75.189

This paper insists that the invention time of Eonmun(諺文) and Hunminjongeum(訓民正音, The Othophonic Alphabet for the Instruciton of the People) were different. The records related with the invention time of Eonmun and Hunminjongeum are not concordant. In the Memorial Epitaph for Sejong says Hunminjongeum was invented in 1446. From Dec. 1443 to Sept. 1446, except the article of Dec. 1443 in Joseon Chronicles, only the term of Eonmun was used frequently and that of Hunminjongeum was never used. Usually Eonmun Office and Hunminjongeum Office are regarded as the same institution. But it is only the result of preconception. Eonmun Office was established in July 1444 at the latest and abolished in 1506. But Hunminjongeum Office became problem from 1450 and was closed in 1452. The location of two offices were also different. The former located in the outside of Forbidden Residence in Kyongbok Palace, but the latter was in the Forbidden Residence. The author of Eonmun Alphabet in Hunmongjahoi(訓蒙字會) written by Choi Sejin is not yet definitely settled. To this day, we have thought mainly in two different ways. One is to regard Choi Sejin as the author of Alphabet, the other is to regard King Sejong as that of Alphabet. Already Kang(2014) clarified that Sejong must be the author of Alphabet. Additionally this paper is enforcing his view by the Chinese characters used for naming alphabets. Nearly half of those Chinese characters were not loaded in Hunmongjahoi, and some characters like as 其(끠)ㆍ池(띵)ㆍ時(씽)ㆍ治(띵)ㆍ皮(삥), were voiced sound. If Choi Sejin were the author of Alphabet, he could select the characters loaded in his own book and also he could not choose the voiced sound characters. From the usage of Chinese characters for naming Eonmun Alphabets, the possibility of Choi Sejin being the real author can be estimated as very low. As the result, the invention time of Eonmun and Huminjeongum is still controversial, and Eonmun Alphabets seems to have the original form of the invention time.

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