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논문 상세정보

소비자 선택기반의 항공사 노선경쟁력 모형개발 연구

Market Competitiveness Models based on Customer Choice in Airline Industry

한국항공경영학회지 v.15 no.3 , 2017년, pp.27 - 48  

Airline market has been growing continuously for past several years in Korea. However, even the market volume is enlarged, the legacy carriers did not have any significant improvement in there financial profitability excepting low cost carriers. The profitability will be driven by the competitiveness in the markets. With literature review, we can find many researches dealing with competitiveness in airline industry. However, most of them has focused on the comparison of efficiency or/and productivity among airlines. In this paper, we focus to develop a model for evaluating market competitiveness of each airlines in airline market. The market competitiveness can be divided into two attributes; supply and airline self competitiveness. Using customer choice model, we suggest a new model for analyzing market competitiveness of airlines. From empirical analysis with historical data, we can find that our model will be good to evaluate the market competitiveness of each airline in each route or each regional market. Furthermore, it can be useful to drive some strategies and implications for improving competitiveness of each airline. Even we have tried an exploratory study on the market competitiveness model in airline markets, our model may be expandable to further study effectively.

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