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논문 상세정보

중국 종파불교에 나타난 미륵신앙의 수용

Development of the Maitreya faith in China and Buddhist sects

불교학보 no.80 , 2017년, pp.85 - 106   http://dx.doi.org/10.18587/bh.2017.09.80.85

In this study, I will examine the relationship of various Buddhist sects in the development of the Maitreya faith in China. Specifically, I will focus on the role of the Maitreya faith among the followers of Lotus-sutra and the Tiantai sect. The lessons of Maitreya had been preached from early Buddhism, so the Maitreya faith exists in all Buddhist sects in China, not just in East Asian Yogacara. The early faith of Lotus-sutra was closely related to the development of the Maitreya faith in China. There is the saying in the 28th chapter of Lotus sutra: “If you always read and site this sutra and furthermore understand the meaning of the sutra, you will certainly be born in Tusita where the Maitreya lives after death.” Based on this saying, the followers of Lotus-sutra wished to be born in Tusita-deva where the Maitreya lives. This is the religious style that appears with the introduction of Lotus-sutra in China, far ahead of the uprising of East Asian Yogacara. In the Tiantai sect which is based on the Lotus sutra, Huisi慧思 who was the teacher of Zhi-i had very strong faith in Maitreya. However, this cannot be asserted because the annotations of Maitreya-sutra by Zhi-i are not transmitted now. Nevertheless, he died in front of the Maitreya statue in Shichengsi, and since then his disciples believe that their teacher Zhi-i was born in Tusita of the Maitreya. On the basis, Maitreya faith of Tusita-born had come down with Lotus faith in Tiantai. Specially, Zhanran 湛然, the 9th master in Tiantai, had attempted to connect Fudashi, who had been called an incarnation of Maitreya in China and was an ancestor of his teacher Xuanlang to Tiantai, to deal with the Zen sect's Bodhidharma.

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