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논문 상세정보

근대 이전 사행 관련 지리공간의 사행노정전자문화지도 구축 방안 : 동팔참(東八站) 지역을 중심으로

A Study on Diplomatic Envoy Journey(使行路程) Electronic Culture Map of Geographial Spaces Related to the Modernization: Focusing on the ‘Dongpalcham(東八站)’

한국문학연구 no.55 , 2017년, pp.81 - 120   http://dx.doi.org/10.20881/skl.2017..55.003

An envoy trip in the traditional era was the stage of diplomatic activity and the space of literature creation. As Myeonginjaesa (名人才士), those who travelled around the world sublimated the knowledge of a cruise into travel literature. Poetry and prose that they left such as diplomatic travel record (使行錄), Yeonhaengrok (燕行錄), Yeonhaenggasa (燕行歌辭), novel, etc. became literature. Diplomatic envoy journey (使行路程) is characterized by literature space, which allowed just the envoy travel literature (使行文學) to be born. The envoy travel literature to China crossed the Yalu River, headed for Shenyang-Shanhai-kuan-Beijing (up for Rehe (熱河) far away), went across the Yalu River again, and then returned to Joseon. The space from the Yalu River to Shenyang means to be the beginning and the end of envoy travel literature to China. This was called Dongpalcham. The close-relation feature and the geographic cognition of being contained in this region was as if having faced mountains and streams in Joseon. Thus, the space in imaginative geography and imaginary history is just the Dongpalcham region. This study aimed to establish ‘Envoy Journey Culture Atlas’, which is a digital culture map, through making it archive with recording the images (photos․video․GPS) of diplomatic envoy journey, which is the space of historical․cultural․geographical background in envoy travel literature Owing to the recent development in ICT (information and communications technology), even a research methodology of humanities is getting diverse. As a research methodology or an educational methodology of humanities, an attention to cultural informatics and ‘digital humanities’ tends to be growing. ‘Envoy trip digital map’, which is suggested in this study, may be considered to be an introductory case that tries to realize the section of Dongpalcham, which is the literature space and the diplomatic envoy journey, as the electronic culture atlas that is a research methodology of digital humanities. A map, which ‘digitalized’ cultural information, is called ‘electronic culture map’. Electronic culture atlas can be said to be ‘a knowledge production method that creates new information’ in that it itself is database, which was organized with the three-dimensional structure of focusing on time, space and theme. As ‘new research methodology of humanities,’ the possibility of electronic culture atlas' has been brought up. In that regard, this study aimed to seek a method of implementing electronic culture atlas after examining the applicability of ‘electronic culture atlas’ as a methodology of inquiring into the space of envoy travel literature, into the hero's traffic line (journey), and into the contents of a work. This study analyzed a case of 2 web sites (travel-record history journey, story theme park) of having made envoy-trip culture (journey) archive, referred to the outcome of a previous research, and then attempted the application of archive materials to the envoy-trip-culture digital map. With regard to being various in the envoy-trip culture and to being thick in historical literature, the feasibility is high even as the implementation of electronic culture atlas by diverse sub-themes such as Yeolha Ilgi (热河日记), Seaway Route Journey (海路路程), Byeongjahoran (丙子胡亂)-Pironojeong (被虜路程).

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