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논문 상세정보

스코틀랜드 『제1치리서』와 교육개혁

The First Book of Discipline and the Reform of Education in Scotland

영국연구 no.38 , 2017년, pp.29 - 57   http://dx.doi.org/10.22852/kjbs..38.201712.29

Scotland is one of the best examples to show that the reform of the church and the reform of education went along each other. The First Book of Discipline, which was adopted as the polity of the reformed church of Scotland in 1561 illuminates this clearly. The First Book of Discipline aimed at the universal education, and prescribed that every christian should be able to read the bible. The First Book of Discipline recommended a broad educational reform based on the reformation ideal for all levels of school. However, these ambitions were rarely achieved in the first 15 years of the Scottish reformation. This was much to do with slow progress in the church reform. Parish schools and grammar schools were hardly reformed in that period. The university reform made little progress as the medieval curriculum remained unchanged, and many of regents were still professing Catholicism. In the late 1570s and the early 1580s, the universities of Glasgow and St Andrews have been rapidly transformed according to the First Book of Discipline, due to the rise of presbyterianism. However, this reform movement did not last long, as the church reform came into turmoil again in the late 1590s. The universal education continued to extended its scope over a century, but not in the national scale. The educational reform in Scotland took exactly the same course of the church reform. The elongated Scottish reformation was the main reason for the slow educational reform.

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